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Communication comes in all forms...
Key Design NYC helps you unlock your best ideas
so your designs and illustrations delight your customers and move your business forward.

Our process begins with a conversation.
Listening brings clarity of your goals.
Studying uncovers the climate of your marketplace.
Researching your audience reveals their experiences.
Key Design NYC is able to transform your ideas into unique communications.

F O U N D E R : Kristen Bannister, graphic designer and illustrator
Kristen Bannister worked for magazines and small boutique design firms where she honed her skills, such as visual story telling, collabortating, idea weaving.
Then she launched
Key Design NYC. Kristen has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.
Kristen loves to draw. She is partial to drawing a particular penguin. She draws Amelia the penguin every day. It is a little dose of inspiration to start the day, along with her cup of coffee.
On most weekends, she can be found volunteering at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art working on programs for people with developmental disabilities.
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